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Whisky Stone Rock Cooler

Whisky Stone Rock Cooler

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Introducing the Whisky Stone Rock Cooler - the perfect addition to any bar or kitchen. This set of 6 stainless steel whiskey chilling rocks ensures that your whiskey, wine, beer, cocktail, bourbon and other drinks are perfectly cooled. Each whiskey stone is crafted with a unique and creative ball design that is reusable and easy to use.

Simply rinse the stones after use, put them in an ice tray and freeze for several hours. The high quality stainless steel cubes come with their own set of tongs so you can grab them from the beverage without leaving any residue. The Whiskey Stone Rock Cooler makes for a great gift at weddings or Christmas celebrations - chilled beverages are always a hit! Get yours today and start enjoying your favorite drink even more.

Specification: Material: Stainless steel; Color: Silver; Chilling stone single size: 1#: Diameter 5.5cm(2.17in); 2#: Diameter 2.5cm(0.98in); Size 1: 2 x Metal ice cubes, 1 x Storage box; Size 2: 6 x Metal ice cubes, 1 x Storage box; Packing list: 6 x Metal ice cubes, 1 x Storage box.

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