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Gas Stove Hot Plate

Gas Stove Hot Plate

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Material: enamel/iron/PP

Size: approximately 380x190x5 mm

1. To ensure safety, avoid using the induction plate to lift a pot directly. Always lift the pot separately from the plate to prevent accidents or damage.

2. For optimal cooking results, start with a small flame and gradually increase it to a medium flame while using the induction plate. This allows for better heat control and culinary precision.

3. It is important not to burn the induction plate on its own, as it should always be used in conjunction with appropriate cookware for safe and effective cooking.

4. Spillage on the plate can be cleaned, although it may leave cosmetic stains. However, these stains do not affect the plate's usability or durability.

5. Avoid using corrosive cleaning agents on the induction plate, as they can cause damage. Stick to gentle cleaning methods to ensure its longevity.

6. To reduce temperature around the vent and maintain a comfortable cooking environment, keep the hood or hood fan on while using the induction plate.

7. Please note that the product is not intended to be used as a tray. Its purpose is solely for cooking on fire stoves, and using it as a tray may lead to unintended consequences.

8. The induction plate is specifically designed for use with fire stoves only and is not compatible with other types of stoves, such as electric or ceramic cooktops. Always ensure the proper stove compatibility before using the induction plate.


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