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Pickleball Paddle Set

Pickleball Paddle Set

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Elevate your pickleball tournaments with our USAPA-approved pickleball paddle set! This high-performance set is meticulously designed to take your game to new heights and offer an unmatched playing experience.

Featuring a shock-absorbing honeycomb core, our paddle set minimizes impact noise, ensuring a more focused and enjoyable game for you and your opponents. With an elongated handle, you gain increased control and spin on the ball, empowering you to make precise shots with ease.

Take your pickleball game to the next level with our premium paddle set. Experience the winning combination of a shock-absorbing core, graphite surface, and strengthened grip, all wrapped in a package that promises durability and edge protection for years of enjoyable play. Prepare to conquer the court and leave a mark with our top-notch pickleball paddle set!

Specifications: Weight (g): 9.5-10.5 oz Shape: Oval with Central Sweet PointRacket Length Category: Regular GradeRacket Face Classification: MP Racket Surface (Universal)Origin: ChinaLength (cm): 40cmFace Material: Glass FiberFace Width: 20cmBalance Point: Light Tip (Intercept/Professional Type)

Package Includes: Set: Pickleball paddle x2 , complimentary pickleball x4, complimentary carrying bag x 1 1pc: Pickleball paddle x1, paddle cover x 1.

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